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Many handbags come and go without a clear reason why. And it hit us the hardest when it is a ‘classic’ handbag that everyone loves. Chanel discontinued the GST Bag, Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is nowhere to be seen today and Saint Laurent stopped the production of the Muse 2 Bag in 2013. But who is the Saint Laurent Downtown Bag? The replacement of the Muse?

The Saint Laurent Downtown Bag has been around for sometime, at least before 2007, which makes it 10+ years now. But throughout the years, this bag went through a lot of modification and the look has changed from urban chic to classic. The new design was renamed to Downtown Cabas Bag.


The Original Saint Laurent Downtown Bag
Instagram @Fashion Phile

The Design

You can still see some similarities between the old Downtown Bag and the Downtown Cabas Bag. The most notable part is the side wings. But there are also a lot of new changes; the Downtown Cabas Bag literally looks timeless. It features the House’s most precious YSL logo on the front, a chic signature tag and a buckle closure.

The gusseted side panels, aka side wings, can be expanded or contracted to create more space in the interior. It also creates a different style and you might love it more when the wings are inside. But this bag does remind me of someone else whom I also dearly love? Oh wait! The Celine Trapeze Bag.

Unlike the old Downtown Bag, which is slouchier, the Downtown Cabas Bag holds much better shape. It’s made with durable and luxurious calfskin leather. It also comes with removable shoulder strap, so there are multiple ways of carrying.


The Interior

The side wings can be expanded to create more space. The inside is made with one large compartment and a slot pocket. This bag can be used as an everyday bag, because it can carry your daily essentials.

The Sizes And Prices

Fortunately, there is more than one size available for the Downtown Cabas Bag. Which one is your favorite?

Saint Laurent Toy Downtown Cabas Bag
Size: 9.8’ x 3.7’ x 5.3’ inches
Prices in Croc Embossed: $1290 USD, €1190 euro, £1050 GBP

Saint Laurent Baby Downtown Cabas Bag
Size: 14’ x 7.6’ x 4.7’ inches
Prices: $2150 USD, €1650 euro, £1390 GBP

Saint Laurent Small Downtown Cabas Bag
Size: 17.2’ x 8.6’ x 5.8’ inches
Prices: $2490 USD, €1850 euro, £1590 GBP

Where To Buy The Saint Laurent Toy Downtown Cabas Bag?

Find This Bag At MyTheresa.

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The Dioraddict Collection has been launched just a few months ago and already it’s determined to get you addicted at all costs. The brand-new Square Flap Bag is a new addition and it’s an extended version of the Dioraddict Lockbox Bag. The Dioraddict Square Flap Bag is more practical, urban-like and gorgeous beyond words. We’re totally in love with it.

The Design

You recognize a Dioraddict by its signature clasp. This clasp is sophisticated and designed with the new stiff DIOR charm in vintage hardware. It’s made with medium-sized and mini-sized studs that run from the front flap to the bottom edges. This bag has a squared shape with soft edges and it comes with a removable long shoulder strap. Sling it on your back while wearing simple blue jeans. Use it as an everyday bag or as a small travel bag to store your important documents like flight tickets or passport.

The Interior


There are three compartments in the interior. The front is the smallest while the central compartment is the largest. You will also find a zip pocket inside; this can keep your important items safe and sound.

The Prices And Sizes

Made in smooth calfskin, measuring 19.5 x 19.5 x 7 cm, the price is unknown yet. We will get you updated once we know more.

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Moynat Réjane: A True Classic

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What makes a bag rise above all others and become a classic in its own right? Does having the right parentage/heritage play a part? Or must it be crafted from the best leathers money can buy? Should it be easy on the eyes, as well as a piece that’s also functional? Then there’s the overall design, one that must be destined to outlive all the fads and trends as they come and go.


Yes, many factors go into deciding whether it reaches the highest echelons of ‘bag-dom’, and while different criteria exist for different women out there, one thing is for sure. Because one has to spend so much on that bag, no one wants to make the mistake of banking on the wrong one.

And while it isn’t my job to tell you which exact bags to buy (I can after all only counsel, enable and urge), I can tell you about Moynat’s classic-in-the-making, the Réjane. Founded in 1849 (heritage covered here), the French luxury atelier uses only the best leathers from the finest tanneries in France. Crafted to exacting standards with most of it still done by hand, the bag is a good looker as well, the top handle poised beautifully atop its curvaceous body.


Available in 3 different sizes, the BB/Mini Réjane (20 cm by 15 cm by 8 cm), the Petite Réjane (26 cm by 18.5 cm by 10 cm) and the regular Réjane(30 cm by 20.5 cm by 14 cm), each one is good for a different purpose. The smallest of the trio is also the baby of the family, an adorably cute number great for weekends. The medium one, also known as theRéjane26 is the one most everyone goes for, a sensibly sized bag that’s great for work or play. Finally, we have the workhouse, or the regular Réjane that’s frankly too big for most Asian women, because it is also always about the proportions.


Coupled with a leather shoulder sling that’s adjustable as well, it’s an easy bag to wear, one that can go formal or casual quite easily, depending on your current get-up. And with the front clasp being the most eye-catching feature on the front of bag, it is also a subtle beauty without the need for massive logos.

Then there’s the leather it comes in, from Taurillon Gex (a hardy, pebbled leather) to Box (lustrously shiny and oh so smooth). There’s also Carat Calf, which is similar to Taurillon Gex but with a much finer grain, Natural Calf (like Box, but less shiny), with exotic croc leathers rounding up the quintet.

Now for the best part. Prices start from just SGD5420 for the Mini Réjanethat comes with a sporty canvas strap or SGD5930 for the ones with leather slings. Prices differ depending on the leather, with the Réjane26in Box leather peaking at SGD8980. The good news? Most of the bags are in the SGD6000 range, which is still reasonable for a bag that’s 100% leather inside and out. And because colours change from season to season (that, along with a few permanent hues that are almost always available), it is best you head down to Moynat’s new boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre to check them out for yourself. Because if you’re looking for something that will still be relevant in the years to come, this could be it.

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Chanel: It’s Not Just Gold, It’s Beige

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When you think of Chanel’s colour beige, you would typically picture their compact powder cases that bear the sandy, powdery hue we’ve all grown to know and love. A colour much loved by Coco Chanel herself, it was the colour of her quilted suede cushions, and also a colour she used liberally at her Rue Cambon boutique. A gorgeous neutral that does not overpower and best described as the shade between pink and yellow, it naturally led to the French luxury label creating their own precious alloy back in 2014 that’s still exclusive to them today; it’s simply known as Beige Gold.

For days when you find the traditional yellow gold too jarring, white gold far too plain, or even rose gold being too pink (yes, I’ve heard that before), Beige Gold is that perfect in-between too hard and too soft, a beautiful neutral like no other. Perfect for the lady who prefers to carry off the accessory (instead of letting the accessory overpower her), Beige Gold would be that colour of choice. Besides a selection of Coco Crush fine jewellery that it comes in, this subtle, glimmering hue is also now found on a selection of Chanel’s fine timepieces as well.

The perfect colour that surrounds the mother of pearl or opaline dials on the timepieces, Beige Gold carries a certain charm to it, with Coco Chanel declaring it one of her favourite colours saying, ‘It’s my colour and will always and forever be fashionable.’

And with timeless watches encased with Beige Gold crowns, from the Première to the Boy.Friend and even the masterpiece that is Monsieur de Chanel, let it be your colour of choice and one that you’ll find exclusively at Chanel Watches & Fine Jewellery today.


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Prada just introduced a new tote bag in squared shape for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. It’s gorgeous and has the look to compete with today’s modern handbags. If you’ve looked at our ‘Prada Cruise 2017 Collection Preview’ article, you will know that there are more stunning tote bags on the way. But can you wait?


The design

Built in squared shape, this bag is designed in solid colors and minimal distractions. It definitely has the timeless look, just like other popular Prada tote bag, for example the Galleria Bag. The top features the Prada Milano logo, but just below you see a stitched stripe, which is something we see more often these days on Prada bags.

Made with double handles, it also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that can be removed. So you will be able to carry it by hand or on your shoulder.

The large squared tag is another new invention; it’s crafted with a buckle strap to adjust the size and it’s also printed with the house’s signature logo. The leather choice is calf, which is a durable leather but also smooth and soft.


The interior

Inside you will find one large compartment, two inside pockets and one includes a zipper closure for your important essentials. This tote bag is an great everyday bag because its spacious and the leather impeccable.

Measuring 34.5 x 29 x 14 cm, priced at $1970 USD, €1600 euro, $2140 CAD, £1380 GBP, ¥246240 JPY via Prada boutiques.






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