Dries Van Noten Fall 2016 RTW Channels Marchesa Casati


There is something quite spectacular about a Dries Van Noten collection and it has everything to do with the designer’s use of colors and designs to bring forth something both thematic and undeniably artistic. From the hairstyles to the makeup, the outfits worn and the accessories layered on, the Dries Van Noten fall/winter 2016-2017 ready-to-wear collection that was shown off on the Paris Fashion Week runway was pretty awesome to behold. From its star spangled golden skirts to the black and greening oozing prints to the spaghetti strapped dress, we found a line-up that really does quite a bit for us.

Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter 2016-2017 RTW - Paris Fashion WeekWhat we had not noticed as a trend until the fall season and what we truly love now is the constant use of golden creations. From lovely pencil skirts to ankle boots, high-neck sleeveless tops and suit jacket lapels, intriguing decorative accents and clutch handbags, we kept on seeing gold all over. We have seen it in other collections, we shall be seeing it for a while yet and we can freely admit to falling in love with the use of the metallic hue again and again as it is rather impeccably utilized.

While the golden aspects are quite large on the trends list, we also find ourselves enjoying the gorgeous looks of the leopard prints, appearing as coat linings for Dries Van Noten, as well as on pants, on capes, full-length suits, tops, skirts and more. Both the men and women modelling the outfits are seen in the darling look, along with the stripes that are so big for 2016. We see stripes on pants, ties, pajama sets, skirts and blazers in this print, while the colors that really draw our attention other than the golden effects are the shades of purple that lean towards amethyst gem hues especially. We also see some mustard yellow, some scarlet pieces along with maroon, and quite a few shades of green, all complementing one another and giving us a men’s and women’s lineup of 65 different creations that have a rather unique attraction for the fashion lover.

While the clothing itself is awe-inspiring in its artistry, the makeup is probably the second largest focus, turning the models into some rather interesting zombies, with raccoon ringed eyes. We have a hard time describing it as anything really, for it is a combination of tear smudges, reverse cat eye drawings and inhuman inspirations, putting together models that really know how to make an entrance, the gazes freaking us out from time to time and detracting from the actual collection, something we certainly do not want to do.

Then again, the coats, suits, and separates combinations are so intriguing that we cannot help but keep shuffling all the pieces around and trying to envision them on our own bodies. It is crazy mixed with professionally chic, all of it complemented by some amazing prints the often androgynous looks certainly needed to spice things up.


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COACH Nomad Top Handle Crossbody Bag in Glovetanned Leather


Coach Nomad Crossbody Top Handle Bag in Glovetanned Leather

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Breaking Bling: Mariah Carey’s Ring from James Packer


Wait, whaaat? Wheeen? Yup, this was my initial reaction to the Mariah Carey- James Packer engagement. Haha reacted like I missed out on my friend’s engagement. LOL not really  The only connection I have was having seen James Packer at the opening of Nobu Hotel in the Philippines. Mariah Carey, I have not seen or met yet. But hellooooo, celebrity engagement news are always welcome because I get to ogle at engagement rings 


Photo Credit: Popsugar

This one’s a pretty massive rock– good on you Mimi! James Packer really packed a punch with this 35 carat emerald cut diamond for Mimi.

This iceskating rink is 2 carats larger than Liz Taylor’s 33 ct Krupp diamond!

Here are more diamond engagement ring stats:

Paris Hilton: 24 ct (canary diamond)
Beyonce: 18 ct
Kim Kardashian: 15 ct
Melania Trump 12 ct
Anna Kournikova 11ct (pink diamond)
Catherine Zeta Jones: 10 ct
Amal Clooney: 7 ct
J.Lo: 6.1 ct (pink diamond)

Alas, I found no confirmation on the exact carat weights of the sparklers of Jen Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Nicky Hilton ;( But yeah, ogle away because this rock is bigger than Liz Taylor’s. And as impressed as I was with her beautiful ring, I still find Kim Kardashian’s cushion diamond the best among all other big celebrity rocks 


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The Best Street Style Trends at Fashion Month: Oversized and Top Handle


Street Style Trends

I’m flying to Paris tomorrow to complete the final leg of Fashion Month, and, as usual, I can’t wait to see all of the bags – on both the runways and the street. So far I’ve noticed a couple of strong trends emerging, for the fashion crowd and celebrities alike: oversized saddle and top-handle bags. They cater to two different types of women (or at least two different sides of a woman). The oversized saddle is large enough to throw everything in and easy to tote around slung over your shoulder. The top handle, on the other hand, is ladylike and often small, which is nice when attending packed-to-the-brim runway shows but not always convenient for all-day carrying when you’re trying to juggle a million other things. While both have clear pros, I will say that the standout has been Altuzarra’s braided strap saddle style (at Barneys New York for $2,995). I tend to lean towards small bags, but my white Ghianda is so gorgeously detailed that all my attempts at downsizing have been thrown out the window. Which have been your favorite bags seen on the street this season?

Street Style Trends

Delvaux Brillant MM (similar version at Barneys New York for $6,000)

Street Style Trends

Givenchy Small Pandora Pure Shoulder Bag (on Farfetch for $2,450)

Street Style Trends

The Row Classic 5 Leather Tote (on NET-A-PORTER for $4,500)

Street Style Trends

Gucci Sylvie Leather Shoulder Bag (at Gucci for $2,490)

Street Style Trends

Coach Saddle Bag 23 (similar version at Coach for $395)

Street Style Trends

Valentino My Rockstud Tote (on Farfetch for $2,675)

Street Style Trends

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Lanvin Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


New York is full of the hustle and bustle of city life, but what really triumphs in the city that never sleeps is the world of fashion, where each collection release is accompanied by major interest. With the fashion world also comes major intrigue, including the changes in creative directors that put viable new faces in the forefront, creating designs that the crowds value most. At Lanvin, with Alber Elbaz no longer heading the creative department, it was a mystery as to what we would be seeing for the pre-fall creations. Chemena Kamali and Lucio Finale have been charged with putting together the Lanvin pre-fall 2016 collection and the upcoming fall line, which will help tide the year over until a new creative director can be brought in. They are both fresh faces, who have worked with Chloe, Givenchy and Valentino, the latter two part of Finale’s past.

Lanvin Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Since the changes began at Lanvin, we have seen a slight change also in the designs shown off. “Our focus is on the Lanvin woman, who she was and who she could be,” Kamali told Vogue, “but the evolution of the house, as well. It’s about finding a balance between the fundamentals but also thinking of who that woman is today. How can you inject that dose of authenticity?”

The new line-up includes 38 pieces, from leather coats to velvet dresses, Victorian ruffles to transparencies added to sweetheart necklines. Slouchy suits and skintight leather knockoffs appear on the campaign, interesting uses of materials seen throughout. Safe and casual are far from the words that would be used for this line-up, though it is clear it is not Elbaz designing the collection.

We, however, are head over heels in love with the use of aqua colors, particularly amidst the darker, more earthly tones seen otherwise. There is also a good amount of reds, from maroons to scarlet to deeper red designs, a hue, which really lends a hand to perfecting the creations before us. We see fur stoles, as per the year’s top trends, alongside frilled ruffles on skirts and tops, wraparound skirts and plunging necklines; there are high waists and loose pants, extremely wide legs to the slacks that fall to the floor. It is an interesting collection to say the least.

Without a doubt, it is an ambitious collection that features a few too many themes and the most promising pieces being a pair of coats. We like it of course, and the use of velvets is to be commended, but there is just something missing that we are used to getting from Lanvin.

All in all though, it is a great try to fill in the void created by Elbaz’s leaving, including a mannish herringbone overcoat and a Japanese polyester jumpsuit that seems to have erupted into bows. The deep ruffles were a fun addition as well, while the tone set by the collection was that of confident flamboyance, which so perfectly suits Lanvin in of itself.

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We Have The First Free People Catalogue of 2016 and It’s Gorgeous!


What’s better than a good movie? Showing up like clockwork, the Free People January 2016 catalogue is finally available, and we can affirm in hindsight it is as much thrilling as gorgeous! For this month’s catalog veteran Free People model Constance Jablonski meets Ophelie Guillermand and Josh Upshaw, and the trio jaw-droopingly re-creates some classic cinematic scenarios that will make anyone have the strong desire to spend at least one night binge-watching many timeless iconic films. The good news is that you can already shop these movie-style looks!

Free People January 2016 Catalogue: Movie Style

This Cinema Issue adapts several films, such as Thelma and Louise,Scarface, Reality Bites, Dazed and Confused and even Flashdance, using their actresses and protagonists such as Brigitte Bardot, Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder as the main muses for the collection. There are even some tomboy-ish and intriguing tailored looks that clearly remind of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall!

Throwing it back and paying homage to some of our favorite icons, the models don’t miss any chance to perfectly recreate every single detail, the most remarkable of which is bringing Bardot’s iconic curlers andFlashdance’s dance poses to the scene. Besides overwhelming our wishlists with fancy and must-have items, each one of Free People’s outfits and photos is also here to remind us that those figures are timeless indeed, and that any time is good to show off a Nineties-inspired look à la Dazed and Confused.

Of course, the accessory line exudes some strong vibes throughout the lookbook too, as it plays one of the most important roles in making the outfits that spectacular, featuring some interesting statement pieces, such as big rounded sunglasses and bandanas. Each look is then refined and finished off with the perfect pair of shoes, ranging from classic sneakers to ankle boots and even low block heels. Free People’s Cinema Issue never leaves anything to chance indeed.

As for the clothes, off-shoulders blouses and denim jeans are the main protagonists here, as they make it possible to easily re-create some of the films’ most iconic fashion moments. White rompers, bell-bottom jeans and kimono dresses play a big role too, making it also possible for everyone to buy some of this New Year’s most fashionable items.

Among all of Free People lookbooks, this Cinema Issue might be fairly regarded as the most eclectic one, as the looks featured quickly jump from the aforementioned Dianne Keaton’s tomboy style to some of bombshell Brigitte Bardot’s iconic outfits. Lacy party dresses and Seventies-inflected deep-v frocks undeniably give the collection the most naïve and sensual turn, while cutoff shorts and denim jackets help in adding some more casual and summery vibes to the pieces too.

To make everything even more accurate, Kamaryn Potter, one of Free People’s stylists, along with photographers Anna Palma & Greg Kadel, took the models to the desert, shooting some of the best Thelma & Louisepictures in the high desert sun. Whether you would like to spend your weekend watching your favorite movies on Netflix or scrolling through Free People’s website, it is up to you!

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